5:46 p.m

I wrote about the thoughts I had at 5:46 p.m today.

When the day melts into the night
I want to stay in that moment forever
Just like how you keep staring at the sun kissing the sea at that time of the day
And then say that that isn’t such a bad place;
I want to keep visiting that moment
Maybe this time I’ll feel happier than the previous visiting.

I always thought that the warm blaze of the  colorful fire in the sky
Was to welcome the night
The sky embraces all the colors of life
From white to bright blue , from yellow to red and finally black
I might have a favorite color but the color of the sky at any time is my favorite.

I stand underneath the immense beauty
Somtimes I stand alone
Sometimes I stand lonely
Either times, I think about those moments of joy
The joy that made my cheeks turn red like an apple
The joy that made me laugh a little louder
The joy that make me forget of any troubles
The joy that reminded me of you
And the joy that made me miss you
Either times, I smiled
Either times, it was You.

Gloss Bunny


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