Sharing an anecdote

To those reading this, I will be writing a longer blog than I usually do so don’t mind grabbing a snack to nibble on or maybe a cup of tea because I have an anecdote to share .
First of all, I pray that the person I will be talking about isn’t reading this. Or I’m going to vanish from the face of earth.
So, when I used to go to tuitions in class 9th, I  had 2 close friends.  One was a boy from the society I live in and another was a girl from a near by neighborhood. The three of us would usually to go back home together.  So anyways, coming to the main thing. My friend, the girl, and I were really close. We used to sit together and mostly get scolded and separated by our tutor because we used to chat a lot.
One day we were doing this topic in math i.e Circles. Yes. Circles, we see a shape that is very clearly and visibly round and is a circle and then we have to prove that it is a circle! (I hated Math)
The chapter was almost done  but in our tuition a chapter is truly finished when we have attempted all the questions from 2 very holy and prestigious books by the authors, RS Aggwarwal and ML Aggwarwal respectively.  Now, no offense to any of the  authors but I hated those books from the bottom of my heart. I confess.
So, when our tutor gave us the books, we were, at that time, high on laughter. I don’t really remember but everything seemed  really funny that day. We got the books and we were already laughing. We giggled as we tried to get our way through the first question that suddenly my friend was thristy. I mean, that girl can down 2L of water and still be thirsty. She was a fish.
In the entire batch, I was the only one who carried a water bottle. I literally don’t know how those kids survived without water during the summer heat.
So, i gave her the bottle not to forget that we were still laughing.  She was drinking the water that suddenly our eyes met and she burst out laughing unleasing a fountain of highly disgusting water on the floor, herself and not to forget the books as well. I was sitting right next to her and was a witness as well as a victim of the water splash. 
You can imagine how disgusted I was but I was laughing so hard that I could barely breathe. From someone else’s point of view,  we both looked like idiots and yes, maybe we were.
The laughter couldn’t stop, we had tears in our eyes, the books were wet and the entire class was staring at us in amusement.
Well, you know what could have happened next. Our tutor stood up and stared at us. Generally a very sweet and kind lady but once she gets angry , her stare is enough to silence us all. But that day, her mood was quite light , she saw us and tried to scold us in a joking manner.  The fact that we destroyed her books didn’t even bother her. It was then that I realized that the entire class’s atmosphere since the beginning of the class was very fun and light. It isn’t like that always. I consider ourselves lucky, otherwise we’d be done for.
Even after the class, while going back home I had this wide grin on my face, feeling extremely happy and weirdly, proud as well. I thought, at that moment  – Ahhh, today was a day! Such moments just make my day.

Gloss Bunny


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