This post has been in the drafts since 20th June’ 20. I don’t really remember the thoughts I was having while writing it but it has remained unfinished and unpublished ever since . Since I could not put much brain into it anymore, I have decided to publish it at last.

After reading it again I realized that it talks about adulthood and the hardships and fears that come along with it.

Remedy, remedy this is what we need now.

Actually its inner peace; my soul’s craving for it.

My inner child has been shaken, lost and abandoned.

Lost in this forest, too young to be alone.

There are bushes of roses, but with thorns they grow.

I keep on running, keep on following its traces into the jungle.

Blindly following the light but there’s no end to this trail.

My heart starts beating faster than the beating drums

The rhythmic thumping echoes in mind, I’m losing sight of it.

The light I see so far away, it’s nothing but a mirage in the desert.

But I still want to clutch it in my hands.

Remedy, remedy, I’m lost in this jungle called ‘world’.

Growing up and trying to act mature; we can all be foolish at times.

Gloss Bunny



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