Bogo Shipda

*Bogo Shipda (Korean) – “I miss you”

This is a poem that I have written for all my friends. It talks about how much I miss them during these times.

Winter dawned early without informing us
confining us to our homes.
In the ocean, in my mind, that we made with laughter and joy
Comes a wave, resurfacing our memories.
With the passage of time, I thought that every moment would become more vivid
But they’re so clear, like a printed page of a book.
Every memory seems so fresh as if it all happened yesterday.
A sudden realization of the time lapsed desolates me but It doesn’t show.
Our soft eyes looking different were saying the same things.
That classroom, our fixed seats, our fights, our squeals of joy still surround me.
Written in those room’s walls were the stories and secrets we told each other.
Solitude will bring us together and we’ll get drunk on our laughter again.
It’s alright, I’m not sad anymore.
I will keep smiling everyday. Until Spring comes our way.


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