How it’s been so far.

Yes, it’s me. I’m back again. Many of you must be quite surprised to see this post as I haven’t written in ages.
“It’s been a long time…..” ; that’s my typical opening line when I write something after a hiatus…Anyhow let’s not talk about that right now.
So, first of all I hope you all are safe and healthy. Its been a rough time around the world. My school’s off. Last time I went to school was to get my result sheet for my previous session and now I’m in the last year of my schooling and I haven’t even gone to school. My result came on March 13 (or around that time) and then I did not step out of my home for a month or so till May beginning.
I was very excited when the lockdown was finally eased. I went to the nearby ration shop with my dad on foot. My legs felt so good while walking. We even clicked selfies and made videos! ( You know how it feels to be outside after more than a month). Though my father went out many times for grocery and medicines, I enjoyed being out in the world again.
There were very few people out that day. All were wearing masks and even gloves to buy goods. Outside the ATM we stood 1 foot apart from each other. I was relieved that social distancing norms were being followed sincerely.
Okay moving on, we walked around the sector and bought some fruits and vegetables from the grocery bus. The municipal corporation had started the use of public transport buses to sell groceries. This bus would come outside each society and would use these huge speakers to announce their arrival. I found those “grocery on the wheels” system a good initiative by the MC.
On the home front, till early May I was very comfortable being at home. Our school had begun the new session via online classes which still continues and we got to spend a good quality family time. All the family members were quite productive during this time, my mum , my sister and I started baking …..I baked a cake for the first time all on my own without any help ( I even found the recepie on my own) . And, yes the cake was deliciously! I was also able to catch up with my friends via video or conference calls…..
The time spent during the first two months was good. I stopped watching news because it was too much of negativity for me to handle. All the channels talked about the current scenario and after a while it became a bit more than just worrisome for me. So, after the second week of May,I faced a slump. I didn’t feel like doing anything, nothing at all. I couldn’t study, couldn’t blog or do anything else. I felt so lazy all the time; once my entire body began to ache. I felt demotivated. But now, I think I’m back on track beacuse my school has started our internal assessment online and we are having these short MCQ test of every subject. So that’s one thing thats keeping me motivated and attentive. On the other hand, I’m also attending this sports psychology intership by Fortis Hospital online and its very interesting. Prior to this, I attended a summer school intership on psychology too, just like the one I did last year. This time too I wrote a poem on depression as a social media project. Why? Well, because I think that there are many people in the world who have or had depression and I wanted the masses to become aware of what actually depression is and how it feels like and that people should abolish this stigma on mental health and become mental health advocates like me.
Okay, now my fingers are beginning to hurt for typing so long since I’m no longer used it , so I shall stop here for today.
Take care everyone and be kind to yourself and to others .

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay happy.

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