Heart skips a beat every time you hear this, right?

But, don’t worry; this sneeze was caused by a layer of dust residing on my pocket diary for years on the book shelf. It was yesterday only when I was cleaning my book closet that I stumbled upon this diary; it was gifted to me by my best friend on my birthday 3 years ago. I flipped through the pages and found something very interesting, well, something that I had written then or maybe sometime in 2017.

In these dire circumstances where we all have to be at homes the entire time social distancing ourselves from others, it is not surprising to have a gloomy and tense atmosphere. But, I believe and many others might agree with me that this is the time to actually connect with others. Ironic isn’t it? We are distancing ourselves to connect with our loved ones and most importantly ourselves.

Having faith and hope are also very important along with our efforts and presence of mind. Having hope that everything will be fine and having faith that God will make everything good again. So, let us not forget the power that made us. The God is our savior and giver of life and other fortunes. He who has made this earth and the beings on it should always be remembered; in the night and day of our lives.

This is what was written on that page by me in the dairy-

True God

In whose heart His name resides.

What not will he do for you?

The one who recites His name

Will get bliss in every form.

He does everything for you.

Without him you are alone in this Universe.

Without him you exist but don’t live.

I am unable to recall why I wrote this but after reading it I was surprised to see that I had write such devotional words.

I hope you all connect with God, your family and yourselves.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay happy.


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