The Taco delight

It’s been long since I’ve written a blog. I don’t know why but I just didn’t feel like writing (I was lazy). Moreover, I had my annual examinations during February, so I got occupied with that. But, anyhow today, I’ve decide to write about something.

It’s 5th March. I went to school today to check my papers; today was paper checking day. Every year after the final terms, we are called to school to check our marks and clarify our doubts. After this we have our Result Day. So, when I got all my result sheets, it turned out that I had performed very well in all my subjects expect for economics…. (trust me, this year economics was a reality shock)

Oh sorry, I got drifted away with the exam thingy. The main thing I wanted to write was about yesterday.

Ahhh ‘Yesterday’, a day when my longing to eat Tacos finally came true! My mum, sis and I went to Taco Bell (an American fast food chain) yesterday afternoon.  Ever since my friends have come to know about my desire to go to Taco Bell, they’ve been teasing me by sending their pics while eating tacos (I regret telling them). So, as soon as I entered the place, I couldn’t resist the urge of just grabbing a taco and dunking my teeth into it.

We placed our order after 15 min. Since we were new to the place, it took us time to understand the menu and the ingredients….my sister took a taco with its shell made up of chicken (I can’t remember the name though), mum and I took veg. tacos with a crunchy shell. That’s it. This is the mistake we made. The shell was so fragile that it completely broke down in two bites. It became really difficult to eat the taco. The shell was like a pappad (it is a type of a cracker; thin crispy Indian flatbread). But, I enjoyed its taste because the actual Mexican tacos have crunchy shell.

However, the taco was too small to satisfy my hunger. So, mum and I ordered more- mum got a new taco (Gordilla… something, which they had launched that day only) and I took a burrito. The burrito was heaven! I had never had a burrito in my life and I always wanted to eat one especially since my mum and sister had eaten it in Canada and I had never gotten a chance.

The burrito was scrumptious- its smoky flavour, cheese, rice, beans….made it super yummy. It was a seven layer burrito but was quite messy to eat. My mum  told me once that one should not eat a burrito while driving because it’s so messy to eat because it just splatters all over the face and clothes and diverts one’s focus  from the road which can lead to accidents.

Overall, I had a wonderful day yesterday.

Apologies to all those who felt hungry while reading this post.

Live Mas!

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