Life status : updated

I am quite disappointed in myself for not being able to write a post in 2020 even though I was determined to write one.

Anyways, these days it’s become quite chilly here. Drop in the mercury was accompanied by a thundershower and then a thick layer of fog as an icing. It’s terribly cold for me. Even though I’m at my home but my toes and fingers are very cold. I had to drink a hot cup of tea to get some warmth.

Winter, isn’t it a season of warmth and love? I have always had a different kind of attachment with winter season, maybe because my birthday falls in winter! In winters, I’ve always had an opportunity to just snug in my bed or read a book with a nice cup of coffee, but for any student, winters symbolizes exam season!!! This year we were barely left free after any exam. There were so many exams and practical for us to do. From practical, I recall my physical education practical…ahhh…painful!

 What happened was that 3 days prior to our practical test it poured heavily in the city, so to perform our running test we were made to run in the basketball court. Just 4 rounds and that was it. But I had a hairline fracture in my left foot around 6yrs back ; basically it was a ligament pull, but my left foot had been subjected to so many twists and sprains that ultimately I had to get a plaster. So, at least 2 to 3 days before the practical I began experiencing a painful sensation in my left foot, particularly that area where my ligament was pulled. I thought that it would be okay and I’ll still be able to run for the test. Little did I know that it would make me pay a visit to the clinic!

Thus, when I started running, just after 2 rounds I again felt pain in my left foot so I started walking in between but my teacher said that whoever would walk will run 4 more rounds. So, I again began to run but then my foot couldn’t take it anymore and ultimately the pain became so strong that I nearly sprained my foot again and had to stop. I stop and sat down on the edge and immediately untied my shoe laces. When I took off my shoe, my foot was burning hot. The pain rose and I was almost in tears. Then one of my friends suggested me to go to the clinic immediately. Thanks to her support, I was able to walk -cum- hop my way to the clinic. At the clinic, I was given an ice pack and at least for 15 min I had to keep the ice pack on my foot. It hurt a lot but the worst thing was that I had to put an ice pack in the winter season, in the cold! After that, I sat in my class for the rest 2 hours; chatting with my friend half of the time. Thus my practical ended up to be a bit painful  and disappointing for me. But, I’m alright now!

Now, I’m just awaiting BTS’s new song to drop today at 12am KST. Yeet! I’m so excited!

Don’t forget to check out my self- composed poem Spring Day .

Gloss Bunny


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