My Investiture Ceremony!!

It’s been a long time since I wrote. It’s just that my exam commenced in September beginning. However I want to use this opportunity to write about my biggest achievement. Wait for it…………………………………….I am a part of my school’s Student Council!!

The list was announced on 23th August after the second round of interview. My class was like a fish market at that time. But as soon as the announcement started, it was pin drop silence. Minutes later there was a huge roar when one of my classmates <he’s a newbie> got the post for Secretary Student Council. My heart was beating at a very fast rate; I was waiting, precisely fidgeting with my pen expecting my name to be announced. Well, it did. I got a post for Secretary Grievance and Legal Literacy Cell. I was thrilled. Though I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to get the post I had applied for; Editorial Board yet I was far more than happy just to be a part of the Student Council.

Since the next day our practice for Investiture Ceremony began. As I entered the auditorium on the first day of practice, I was surprised to see so many excited faces of people who constantly popping up and down looking for their friends. We began with the march-past. Initially it was exciting and fun to do. I was able to recall the time at that moment when I was in class 9th; I admired being a part of the Student Council. And now I was! Time passed by so quickly that I never realized. Coming back to the march, it was fun in the beginning but after 3-4 days later it became exhausting. I was tired of stomping my foot all the time; the school shoes barely had any soft padding as insoles and my heels pained.

A week passed by with the practice when finally the day, the D- day had arrived. It was time to get officially recognised as the new Student Council. The audience comprised of our principal, the chief guest who was to pin our badges, our classmates and lastly our parents. As the drums began to roll, 60 students, the whole Council came inside the auditorium thumping along with the drum beat in the form of a march-past. We all wore a green cap with a red feather, a broad colourful belt, a red cravat and white gloves. It was suffocating but that’s what made all of us look splendid; the chief guest administered the oath and we pledged to take the responsibilities entrusted upon us with sincerity and dedication. Later on, we were given the badges.

During the pledge and the rest of the announcements we had to stand at stand-at-ease position for the whole time, around 10-15 min straight. Even during the speeches! My backbone was paining and all I could see were my excited parents waving at me from the audience seats. I felt so bad, I was super happy and I couldn’t wave them back (we were not allowed to do so , we couldn’t even turn our heads) or even smile. I was only able to give them a nod of approval.

After the ceremony was over, I was in a jubilant mood. At last, I got the badge – Secretary Grievances and Legal Literacy Cell pinned to my shirt. I was so happy and I still am, it’s like a dream come true. It was something that made me and my parents proud of me. My friends congratulated me for the same.

I have promised to work hard to define my post and I will do my best!!

Ola amigos!!

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