Oranmanida; long time no see.

It’s been a while since I have blogged because of my ongoing unit exams but soon after 13th of this month, I’ll be back to it. However, just to give it a start this is a short post. So here it goes….the outburst of the day.

I am super excited and hyped up because I am going for a movie. And it’s not just any movie, its Bring The Soul movie of BTS!!!! Yes, I know you all must be fed up because since the past few months all of my posts had BTS making a small special appearance in them. Anyhow, I am going tomorrow with two other Army members (BTS fanbase). The movie was released on 7th but due to our tight schedule at school, we decided to go on Saturday. As a matter of fact, the tickets had gone on sale only for 2 days and hearing this news I was really upset….very much- my friend was almost in tears. Literally, I thought of suing BigHit for a moment and also thought of writing a letter of complaint to them. I know heights of craziness! But, what can I say; I was waiting for this movie premiere since the past two months. And no, I’m not a saesang! (highly obsessed fan).

So for now, I’m signing off. Good bye till the next time we meet ( through my posts!!).


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