Saturday morning

It was a lovely Saturday morning and there was downpour outside. Dark grey clouds covered the sky and they thundered and roared. Amidst the clouds I could see a thin streak of sunlight that appeared at intervals. The trees danced along with the whipping monsoon winds; all of this reminded me of a song’s lyrics, ‘thunder, feel the thunder….’

Around 9am, my family sat down in hall to have some tea when suddenly a tiny stream of water came flowing from underneath the balcony door. Within no time that tiny little stream had flooded half of the sitting area. My mum and dad immediately got up to their feet and at that moment I knew that they had a mission to complete. I acted quick and brought the wiper from the bathroom and started wiping the water outside the door. Meanwhile, my mum took an umbrella and ventured into the nature’s heavenly shower. She checked the drain which was chocked, because of which the water had entered the house. My dad gave no seconds thoughts for carrying an umbrella and shot outside; he was dripping wet!

After a few strokes of the wiper I was able to remove the water from the hall’s floor but my parents were in a hassle. My mom was running in one direction and my dad in the other. I heard my dad, who was over excited about this event shouting to push the sofas away from the door as they could get spoilt due to the inflow of water. I did the required but one problem still remained in the list, the choked drain.

While my mum never let go of the umbrella and covered my dad; he was busy using a stick to remove the leaves which clogged the drain pipe. After 30 mins of brain storming and argument, my parents were finally able to unclog the drain. I took a breath of relief.

We were surprised to see that as soon as we entered into the house the rain had stopped. The sweet and earthy petrichor after the rain was fresh and pleasant. All that we needed now was a hot cup of tea.

As I went back to my room to clean up, my sister who had just woken up asked me why my clothes were dirty and what had happened. I replied, “You missed the drama.”

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