In the most saddest or troublesome moments of your life, have you ever kept your hand on your heart and said that this time will pass away. Have you ever felt your heartbeat?

Man has his own hurdles in life. But, faith and hope is what keeps him moving forward. Our emotions during the hardest moment of our life are very high because we become more subjective at that time. Though, they may vary depending on the situation and on other environmental stimuli; according to psychology. But, knowing the technique to overcome your fear/anger/sadness…etc is a must.

So, when things don’t work out, try this method.

Keep your hand on your chest, where your heart is located and feel your heartbeat. Don’t count it, just feel it. Try to feel the rhythmic pulsation of your heart. After a minute or two, say, “All will be well. There will be light in this dark and I am too young to fall. Let’s get it.”

Trust me; the more I did this, the more I felt the motivation to move ahead in life.

 Psychology has been a major factor in understanding, developing and improving human behaviour; and I felt that it’s my duty as a student of psychology to share whatever is helpful for everyone.

Your willpower, faith and hope don’t have an expiry date. It’s unlimited. Make use of it.


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