Yes, you can love yourself.

If only loving ourselves was easier, the great philosophers or musicians would not be spreading its message today.

As human beings, we have a proclivity of constantly judging ourselves.  I think, self- evaluation is considerably better than comparing ourselves to others. In fact, there are a plethora of other reasons that may be a cause for us to not accept or love ourselves.

But, mistakes are the one I’d want to highlight. I am a human being, we all are and making mistakes is natural. For some people, like me, mistakes strike a sense of fear in the mind. We never realize that mistakes are an integral part of our life. Without mistakes, we aren’t able to learn. Without mistakes, we never step out of out comfort zone. Without mistakes, new discoveries are impossible.

Mistakes do not define us, they shape us. They make us mature and help us to grow. A few may agree with me and few may not. It’s a matter of individual perspective. But, one must know that mistakes make you a better person. Embrace them and learn from them. It’s exactly like making a mistake in a math problem, then taking an insight of it and solving the problems like that with success.

Don’t let your mistakes become a hindrance in loving yourself. Trust yourself even though it might seem toilsome (which it is not). No one is faultless.

Many feel that their mistakes make them bad, but, why do they forget that their soul was always pure? If you can have a heart to love others, then you can love yourself too.

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Image from BTS album,
Love Yourself ‘ANSWER’

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