:Lisztomaniac? :Yes!

A new word that I recently learnt,

Lisztomaniac – A person who needs to listen to music all the time.

A quintessential, me!! No I’m not joking. I can’t spend a day without listening to music. I love music as much as I love my bed. Well, this title was bestowed upon me by my sister (after I coerced <not really> her to listen to songs one day). tee-hee*

I fell in love with music when I was first introduced to BTS. But, I shall not mention more about them because my friends and family get annoyed every time they read about them in my posts, since I can’t stop myself from praising them (though, I’ve tagged them in the post-hehe).

So, anyway; music to me is like a therapy. It’s something that makes me happy. Not only listening to songs but also playing instruments like Casio (which is the only instrument I have). Apart from this, I have a keen desire to play guitar and piano. Music itself is like a wonder land. It’s like my hideout, where I can peacefully live for a while.

I once remember, our psychology teacher had asked us to write our day’s schedule on a piece of paper. I had written 45min as the time I dedicate to music, solely music. My friends were astonished and bet that my playlist must be never ending…honestly, it is never ending.

I sometimes feel music is my passion just like writing and dancing but I’m not able to do something further in it. That disappoints me the most. I believe that my music taste is eclectic .However, I’ve been able to learn a few songs on my Casio like the famous Hindi melody and title track, Kal Ho Na Ho. I also know how to play the starting tune of Maroon 5’s Payphone; I really love this song.

I’m signing off now, because now it’s time to change the music that’s been on while I was busy writing this. Next up, 7 Rings.

Ola amigos!

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