Summer School Internship @Fortis

Last week, I had gone to attend a summer internship program held by Fortis hospital via our school. It was an amazing experience.

Our topic was ‘Mental Health’ and each day we touched one topic related to it. The basic theme we were all learning about was on psychology and psychological disorders. We learnt about many clinical disorders ranging from depression, OCD, panic attacks to eating disorders like binge eating disorder, anorexia and bulimia etc.

It turned out to be a quite impactful and enriching experience. It was also my first internship program, which could be the added reason for it to be a pleasant one (I was referred to as an ‘intern’!)

And the poem I had recently posted on ‘depression’ was a part of the internship. It was a project that had to be submitted/ posted publically to spread awareness among people about mental health and its importance.

After gaining knowledge on mental health, I am trying my best as a mental health advocate to spread awareness among people across my country and the globe about the importance of being mentally fit and also helping the people who are troubled with mental health issues.



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