Depression- “I’m fine” (poem)

One- fourth of the people across the globe are affected by mental health issues. Mental health is very important for a human being because all our activities are driven by our mind, by our brain, by our heart. And they all are connected. Paying attention to our physical health is not enough for us.  To live a healthy life, being mentally fit is very important.  Therefore, if we find someone who is troubled, we must not turn our backs on them. Rather we should try to help them than ridicule them.

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This is a poem I have written on depression (by putting myself in the person’s shoes whose going through depression)

I’m fine

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The rise of your existence

Was the night of my life? I didn’t know how.

You were the painful coming of my youthful dreams.

I don’t know what this feeling is

Whether it’s a nightmare or reality?

The nightmare is of an uninvited guest

I always feared of arriving.

The pains and fears inside of me.

It’s so bad that I can’t breathe

My surroundings fade into the night

With every step I took into the dark .

Drunk on all my tears

I’ve been hiding for years.

Deeper, deeper, the wounds go deep.

Deeper, does my heart sink.

Really, I won’t be able to endure it

Cuz, the painful night still shakes awake my sleeping dream.

Even if I try to hide it

It can’t be erased.

Deeper, deeper, as I dive into the dark

Deeper, the scars get engraved.

But, it’s still no use

 I’m stuck in my cage

Of loneliness that was once faraway.

But, I still say, I’m fine.



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