Map of the Soul:PERSONA by BTS -album review

NOTE: Since this is my first review , I had referred to a lot of sites for some reference (Billboard, Variety etc.) ; mostly the reviews are from my point of view, though, there are some which I had referred from other sites. I hope you like my first review writing. Please do like and comment. I’m open for your suggestions!

K-pop sensation BTS dropped their much awaited new album Map of the Soul:Persona on 12th April. Hitting 4M likes in 4 hrs of release, the album has already become a massive success. The funky and upbeat music has been trending worldwide with the A.R.M.Y. Their main song Boy With Luv revolves around the topic ‘Love’- ” Love is nothing stronger than a boy with luv”.


Prior to this, the comeback trailer of the album titled PERSONA by RM caught a lot attention of the fans making them more anticipated for the album release .The opening of the title track is similar to BTS’s album Intro: Skool Luv Affair , released in 2014 (also sung by their leader RM).

In the song’s first part, RM questions himself – “Who the hell am I?”- A very catchy opening to the album; further asking-“Where’s your soul? Where’s your dream?”

The beginning of the second part is about how he tells himself to-” never lose your temperature.” and why .The part mostly ends with us hearing the same question- “Who the hell am I?”, adding on how he wants or aims to give his best to his fans-“I just want to give you all the voices till I die. I just want to give you all my shoulders when your cry.”.

Overall, the song’s been very sensational and influential to the public so far with the amazing beats being the cherry on the top.

Boy With Luv

American pop singer Halsey featuring Boy With Luv by BTS has already been considered as a summer song .The song gives a splash of fruity colors of summer- orange, blue, white and pink. The boys look extremely handsome in those especially V, who catches most of the attention because of his electric blue colored hair.

The 7 boys openly express their feelings and emotion on love- “You make me a boy with luv.”. The song tends to fuse with Boy In Luv, where they are seen as adolescents, experiencing teenage love and its hardships; further showcasing their wild side. Boy With Luv shows how BTS has matured – have gained lots of love and are expressing their love to the A.R.M.Y-  “…with the two wings you gave me back then”. Also, the retro setup, rhythmic dance and the groovy beats add to the charm of the boys.

The most killing part of the song was Suga’s rap. His deep voice and lyrics stole many hearts. J-Hope’s opening with –”Hope World”  ,  was another one. RM’s entrance with a spotlight had already been given a glimpse of in the teaser, with the rest of the boys sitting on the couch and listening to him.The ending pose of the song is similar to that of Boy In Luv.

Halsey did not have much of a role in the song other than adding some lilting effect to the lines –”oh my my my”. But, BTS’s collab with her seemed worthwhile and fun.

Mikrokosmos, Make It Right, HOME, Jamais Vu, Dionysus

The rest of the songs whose name literally confused the fans around the world were just simply amazing. Mikrokosmos track with its main lines-“You got me…I got you ” seems to be  talking about BTS’ s relationship with their loved ones/army-“the night looks beautiful because of us” .

Make It Right; another collab of BTS with Brit singer Ed Sheeran had some foot tapping beats. The song gives a message of the boys’ hope to make things right in the future or now-“I can make it right”.

Recently ,BigHit revealed that the track HOME would be about the A.R.M.Y In HOME, BTS basically tell us how the A.R.M.Y has been a source of comfort for them and wherever they go, if the army is there, they feel like home (away from their worries and loneliness). Even Suga’s lyric-“big homes, big cars, big rings.” gives a slight hint to his lyrics from their first song No More Dreams (2013). The song had more of RnB vibes in the beginning and in the middle where the vocalists take ‘Home” on a high note. ”Mi Casa” part gave some blue vibes to the song.

Jamais Vu is sung by the trio J-hope, Jin and Jungkook. The song is slow in the beginning but the “remedy”- chorus part broke into a ballad. In mid-track, beats started slowly which ultimately broke into a hard rap by J-hope and again there was a downfall in the tempo; back to the chorus of a high note by the two vocalists.

Dionysus, is  BTS’ s promised signature Hip Hop track with upbeat music from the beginning till the end. It’s no surprise to see them use such strong lyrics with the rappers hitting a hard rap.


Map of the Soul: PERSONA is BTS’ s 6th mini album whose preorders has surpassed their Love Yourself Answer album to over 2M + orders within 5 days, which isn’t much of a surprise.  The new album has succeeded in winning the A.R.M.Y’s heart all over the world and is trending all over social media sites, from Twitter to YouTube. The most important part that was observed is that BTS has used a lot of English words in almost all the songs , especially in their main lines in comparison to all their previous songs (maybe because of their collabs).

Moreover, BTS is confirmed to perform on Saturday Night Live on 13th April and has also been invited by the BBMA to perform again and may also be nominated in one of the categories. Following this, BTS’s name has also officially come up in Billboard’s nomination list for 2019.



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