Learning Morse Code

I was about to practice writing articles and was going through some idioms and phrases earlier in the morning when I stumbled upon the word ”cliché”. I quickly searched the internet for its meaning and reached a site; where suddenly, an ad pops up which immediately caught my attention – How to Learn Morse Code. I usually don’t click on the link given on such pop up ads but this time I did.

Scrolling down I realized that this site was very useful- it gave a briefing on the origin of the Morse Code and its further types( I never knew there were 3 types of Morse codes used in the recent past!)….so, in order to fulfill my hunger for knowledge, I grabbed my pen and paper and scribbled the ‘dots’ and ‘dash’of all the alphabets from A-Z and began learning them .In the beginning I practiced audio training for a while but then I got very hungry and abandoned my work to grab a bite or two of some delicious sandwiches made by my mum!!

So, ignoring the part where I got distracted and also, where I almost got frustrated from these dots and dashes , I gradually started enjoying learning the Morse code. I wrote so many words and sentences just for fun.

The first word I wrote was HELLO (…. . .-.. .-.. —); Okay, so I’ll try to write another message –

… — .–/.- .-. ./-.– — ..-/


Well, I’m still learning…so soon I’ll be able to remember it by heart.I would surely post about it then.

Anyways, I’m super excited since today BTS’s album will be out and I’ll start working on the review as planned; and since I’ll be going to watching that movie(at last!) I was talking about in my earlier posts about the Saragarhi Fort.


2 thoughts on “Learning Morse Code

  1. One of the best post from you end in recent past…

    My suggestion is ask one of your close friend to lean Morse code so that you both can communicate in a secret language….

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