Last day in Jodhpur: Recap

I couldn’t post because I had no internet access for the past few days. My 2-3 days in jodhpur were fun!.. after a big family dinner, all the cousins willed away their time in talk and games last day.

The most amazing thing that I discovered one day was that my cousin sister, is also a die heart fan of South Koreans😅. I am an A.R.M.Y (BTS fandom is known as army😍) while she is a big fan of Lee Minhow. Since that day we started speaking in Korean( we knew a few words and used those to communicate most of the time). I used to call her noona(elder sister in Korean) and she used to call me uni(younge sister).

I remember, once we all kids were sitting in the living room and were chatting when suddenly ,we both started talking about BTS and South Korea. Well, soon everyone got irritated and the end result – South Korea vs India (topic) was being debated in the room. We both girls were fighting and arguing for the Koreans as if South Korea was our motherland!!🤣 So,we spent around 2hrs showing each other BTS’pics and each time we saw one ,we would giggle and say we want to go to South Korea!!

Ahh..but literally I love BTS..they are my idols..and the people who don’t know them,must know them now. They are firstly, very very handsome!!!💗 , their dance is awesome (they have the toughest choreography and they are the largest boy band in the world) and most importantly, the songs that they write are so beautiful. The main concept of BTS is to guide the youth and they work really hard for that (if anyone has seen their movie Burn The Stage would know)..

I again got drifted from my topic..!! So, overall jodhpur was an amazing trip, I couldn’t have enjoyed more.

Jal gayo!!

4 thoughts on “Last day in Jodhpur: Recap

  1. I guess you enjoyed your stay in jodhpur a lot…… especially the BTS part😃😃
    Keep writing such wonderful blogs….I love them❤️❤️

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