Jodhpur- Day 3

Oops! I forgot to post yesterday.
Day 3 was really good. My father arrived yesterday. We also went for shopping… we went with an aim to buy less items, but actually ended up buying around 5 to 6 kurtis and shirts. My mom bought a Bandhej scarf (Rajasthan’s ethic print cloth). It was very beautiful so, my sister and I too bought one.
The movie plan dropped out because of the scorching sun. The temperature was around 35°C then. After visiting around three shops my energy was drained. Only after drinking a bottle of Coca Cola I was able to walk a bit more . The evening was also great since my cousin came to visit us and the whole family (there’s a joint family system here ) had dinner together. I also sat on an Activa (two wheeler)for the first time.;-)
Ahh..I almost forgot about the auto incident. To reach our first stop we (my aunt and my family) had decided to take an auto. God! Belive me, he drove the auto at the speed of a Mercedes car! …for a moment it felt like a run and chase scene from any Bollywood movie. I was so afraid when he drove the vehicle escaping the pot holes on the road. But, I enjoyed a lot.

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