Jodhpur- Day 1

Jodhpur, the sun city. It’s been a while since I have come here. And mostly its been 6 yrs since I have travelled via plane,so I was very excited.
Now, my main reason to come to such a boiling city was my brother’s marriage which unfortunately got cancelled. However our tickets didn’t beacuse we could not get refund. So, obviously we had to go (you know what I mean) and the final outcome was our arrival at jodhpur. Actually, this is my sister’s birthplace so she was more comfortable to be here than me.
Anyway, apart from the heat, the day went well. I met my cousins , had some delicious food(kachories- jodhpur’s specialty are my favourite. .well.. I have started gaining weight too but doesn’t matter. We Indians love food so know) .., and also hibernated for a while and just relaxed.
Temperatures have been a bit fluctuating. It’s around 39°C during the day and around 20s at night. But overall..I miss my bed..hehe.

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