Class 10th- last day

Its been a year since I have properly started blogging. So from now on wards I will try to be regular since my exams are over.
Coming to the topic of exams. It was my last exam on 29th March . The atmosphere in the classroom was full of excitement. In the last mins of our exam my partner began that countdown(of our last segment of class 10th)
As soon as the exam ended I tried to meet ally friends as quickly as possible. I wanted to bid them adieu but I couldn’t meet them all. Leaving this class was a bit emotional for me. This class had been a amazing one and I just couldn’t think of being more comfortable in any other class next year. But transition …its necessary.
I really wish I could tell my friends how much happiness they have brought into my life. I had made few but close friends with whom I shared my highs and lows with. its not like were leaving school but soon we’ll meet in the corridors either smiling and stopping to shake hands or just passing by each other.
Its weird how time can change everything. Not all those whom we were with remember or stay with us whereas only a few stay along. But at the moment there already four to five people that I don’t want to forget and ahhh..I don’t believe myself when I say this that- I will miss you guys a lot!!:-)

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