Happy New Year 2019!!

happy new year 2019!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Today is the new beginning of your life, a new chapter,.. no, a new book of a wonderful life is about to start.

So start by writing on the first blank page of a 365 page book.

May all your beginnings be humble and the end be prosperous. May this year of 2019 bring more joy, happiness and love to you.

Dream of success, dream of love, dream of power but wake up and have the strength and courage to pursue them.

Let the mistakes of your past not define you. Learn from them and give yourself a chance to grow into a new human being .

This year, let your first love be yourself. love very bit of you…cuz you’re beautiful and amazing just the way you are!

This may be the 15th, 27th,45th,60th,..or 80th year of your life.So, no matter what you are ,who you are or where you are…live for those small moments in life for which words cannot be put into.

Remember , you are now physically, emotionally and mentally strong, beautiful,courageous and confident.

Accept criticism with an open mind and respect your critics if you want to be strong and successful.

And lastly , most importantly, bow in obeisance to the Universe . thank God , thank your parents and thank each and every one who made you into your beautiful self.




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