The Storm

This girl’s got a crazy look in her eyes.

She had dreamed to live a decent life.

She dreamed her life to  be an aeroplane,

gliding through the cotton road visiting new places.

But one day, her plane got stuck in a storm,

that came from a sky that plagued.

It was unlike any other storm.

There was lightning and thunder,

the thunder was her fear and lightening the pain.

Deep down she could feel the thunder,

until the lightning struck her so hard

that she felt as if the plane was about to crash.

From ninth cloud to nine fathom deep,

she was blind with tears and trembled in her sleep.

The after storm had left a deep scar on her mind and heart.

For days she lived with pain in her chest,

the pain of Regret.

She wept all alone in to the night,

because she knew the truth;

she herself had turned the plane

into the storm – her darkest night.




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