Rain at last!: 16/6/18

At last its raining here! what a relief ..

Today I was woken up by the pitter-patter of the rain drops on my window. The clouds were roaring , a calm soothing breeze was blowing and my face wore a big smile. Nothing could be more better but to have a cup of coffee in this weather…..

When I stepped outside in my balcony, the view was quite clear than before… everything looked so clean and bright, the cars were half washed under the rain and the rest of the half was covered with a thin layer of dust.The open sewers carried brown colored water from the lanes..all the dust had now been washed away.

At last I could breath in some fresh air. The thick smog like air had made it so claustrophobic for me. I loved to see the pin tails that were singing their melody since dawn so, I  thought of going for a walk but it was a sudden downpour as I stepped outdoors…gee….I’m really glad that I had an umbrella.

Well I’ll most probably be planning to spend my day enjoying this monsoon weather because the beginning of the month June has been like an oven to me.

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