Reminisce: 15/6/18

Oh this summer heat is killing me!!…Its been almost 2 days that my eyes haven’t seen sunshine here. Its been cloudy and dusty all the day and extremely hot.The temperature have been reaching to 48 C.

Yesterday, I went out to meet my friends. I stepped out and was unable to breath due to heavy air; it almost felt like winters with this heavy congesting air but without any cold. Standing for even 5 mins was  challenging for me. I literally looked like a fountain , dripping all over with sweat. That’s the moment when I remembered that ad that used to come on the television; the main lines were,” full body bangayi jharna, pankhe tu kuch toh karna. pankhe what is this?” (My full body has become like a fountain, fan why don’t you do something? fan what is this?) I was amid a conversation with my friends when I remembered this and I burst out laughing. i told my friends what I reminisced, and then there were peals of laughter for a long time. This song had a very funny tune and the video ..the accent in which the person sang was hilarious.

I don’t know what had gotten into my brains but, at that moment this ad was apt. I almost died laughing.

Sometimes there are moments in life that  small things can make you and everyone  around you so happy or  laugh..even if it is the most silly thing or something that doesn’t make any sense.

But,Always remember- if you can’t stop that feeling, let it just flow through you and enjoy!



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