A note to all women..

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On this women’s day, I would like to share my views on not empowering women but making them realize that they are already empowered . all they need is their strength and just a dash of support from others to realize it.

  • you all have a dream but because of the society pressure  you are not supposed to downgrade your dream. you must upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.if you see the line where the sky meets the sea and it calls you; you must go because you never know how far you’ll be able to go.
  • you’re God’s most beautiful creation on Earth; you must have heard of the goddess Aphrodite.
  • there will be a dilemma in your life i.e either to work by the rules and restrictions set by the society or to follow your passion, your dreams and enjoy equality, power and success. and if you chose to live the second option you are surely one of those Disney’s princesses.
  • ever wondered why women’s day occurred on the number ‘8’ ? turn the number ‘8’ 90 degrees and it will become the symbol of infinity. it is a sign that shows that women have always been marvelous and the magnate among  all  and will always be forever; you had always deserved a higher position that is the reason why people try to show you down.

Even if no one supports there will be someone who will still support you. so this women’s day come to support women  to make them realize their power and make them feel empowered.

#isupportyou  #iamawoman  …… add yours too in the comment box below.


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