Last week I went to listen to a lecture at one of my former school. The lecturer was an old gentleman , I think  between the age of 85-89 years. The moderators of the event introduced him to the audience . The old gentleman was the one who laid the foundation stones of that very school ; he was an ex-admiral in the Indian Navy, he was well versed in French, Persian and Latin, had almost played all the sports and was proficient in squash and tennis. To surprise us even more, he was graduated from a reputed college. Well, at first I  thought that he was close to gaining a monopoly in brains.

He was very keen of children was invited by the school to meet and guide the students.The ex Admiral started off by talking on random topics but  soon his speech started catching my attention.

He told us that there are 3 qualities in a child when they are born and remain while with them. Those 3 qualities were ferociousness, curiosity and lastly greed. These qualities are the ones that defines a man.

Being ferocious is what makes us fight with others; it is the cause for conflicts. Curiosity is what makes us eager to know more and lastly greed is that part of human nature which makes us compete and accumulate power.

These 3 qualities help us further to either decide our streams or they help us in our jobs too. But the only thing or quality that defines us in any way is our attitude of gratitude.  One must not be so “Me” person  all the time or in other words thankless .

So to cut it short; the last thing he told us was

if you want to be healthy , have gratitude. 

if you want to have friends ,have gratitude. 

if you want to live longer and be content ,always have an attitude of gratitude. 


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