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You know sometimes we just don’t realize that we are living ..what I mean to say is that we forget the small precious moments of the life that are to be lived . each one of us living in this world  today are trying to add days to their life but, no one tries to add life to their days.

A few years ago i went to AUSTRALIA ;over there i did scuba diving for the first time. oh.. it was like meditation. the cold blue water sparkling under the sun, the fishes swimming around you in spirals, the deep caves.. was all just amazing. it was a pivotal moment when i  realized how alive i am and how soon i can be dead. it was when I realized how important it is for us to live…i started valuing every moment  of my life . at that moment I found myself…

always remember that every single moment in your life ..even to the micro or mini second is very important… because LIFE IS NOT MEASURED BY THE TIME YOU SPENT IN A DAY, IT IS ABOUT THE MOMENTS YOU LIVED LIFE LIVING.


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