Last week I went to listen to a lecture at one of my former school. The lecturer was an old gentleman , I think  between the age of 85-89 years. The moderators of the event introduced him to the audience . The old gentleman was the one who laid the foundation stones of that very school ; he was an ex-admiral in the Indian Navy, he was well versed in French, Persian and Latin, had almost played all the sports and was proficient in squash and tennis. To surprise us even more, he was graduated from a reputed college. Well, at first I  thought that he was close to gaining a monopoly in brains.

He was very keen of children was invited by the school to meet and guide the students.The ex Admiral started off by talking on random topics but  soon his speech started catching my attention.

He told us that there are 3 qualities in a child when they are born and remain while with them. Those 3 qualities were ferociousness, curiosity and lastly greed. These qualities are the ones that defines a man.

Being ferocious is what makes us fight with others; it is the cause for conflicts. Curiosity is what makes us eager to know more and lastly greed is that part of human nature which makes us compete and accumulate power.

These 3 qualities help us further to either decide our streams or they help us in our jobs too. But the only thing or quality that defines us in any way is our attitude of gratitude.  One must not be so “Me” person  all the time or in other words thankless .

So to cut it short; the last thing he told us was

if you want to be healthy , have gratitude. 

if you want to have friends ,have gratitude. 

if you want to live longer and be content ,always have an attitude of gratitude. 



importance of meditation for students

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a student’s life is full of turmoil and is packed with a hectic routine. in such a routine a breather is necessary. the word ‘breather’ does not necessary means doing sports, sleeping or watching movies all the time.

sometimes a student needs a way of relaxing himself or herself and their brains from their busy schedule. and the best way of doing so is through meditation. meditation is not becoming a sage and sitting in one corner without food or water throughout the day. meditation means turning your mind inwards,disconnecting yourself from all the worries and varied thoughts.

in a student’s life meditation is very important; by breathing in and out slowly and peacefully for an hour a day can help students to freshen up and relax them. not only this, meditation also helps students to improve their memory and concentration.

those who are short-tempered must meditate. it not only helps them to cool their minds but also helps in controlling their anger.

in today’s date, the load of studies on students have resulted in building up of stress in them. and we all are aware that the consequences of stress are devastating. so, firstly children must understand that  not everyone is capable of gaining a monopoly in brains, there are only a few of them so, they should not get tensed. secondly, if they can’t get the word ‘stress’ out of their minds, they should definitely meditate.

it is scientifically proven that meditating or as the youth nowadays says being a ”sage” for just half an hour can help the students balance their life and most importantly help them to discover their inner self.

student’s life in school- a poem (sometimes like this….)

(rhyming courtesy: ATTENTION by Charlie Puth),

Teacher:   you just want detention,

right out from the start,

you’re just making  sure that you don’t get to stay in school.

yeah, you just want detention,

right out from the start,

you’re just making sure that you get your way out of here.

Student:  I know that uniform is karma, unpolished shoes regret,

you’ve got me thinking like I’m a criminal,

and now that I’m in that prison cell(school),

what you expect?

by the way, when are you planning to send me to  my home?,

cuz its already been half an hour since I’ve been sitting in this chair!

Teacher:   you’ve been runnin’ round, runnin’ round, runnin’ round throwing that                      dirt all on my name,

Cuz  you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I’d call your parents up,

Baby, now that we’re, now that we’re, now that we’re right here standing                      face  to-face,

You already know, already know, already know that I  won, oh..yeah!

so now you got detention,

I’m so happy by heart,

now , I have to make sure you get suspended the next time i see you here..oh!



Love is an emotion that every living being has in this Universe. But there is  a love that we feel for others and  for things and our surrounding or entity.

But lets talk about the love we feel for others…not only for your spouses but also for your friends,parents and family.

When a child is born he is oblivious of his surrounding therefore is not able to understand any  emotion expressed by others or maybe by himself too. But the concept of love in our life is understood by us at the age of adolescence. It is this stage of life when we start developing the most sensitive emotion that is ‘love’.

Have you ever observed in your kids or in yourself too that this is the time when your bond with your friends starts to strengthen. In high and lows of your life you find a shoulder to cry on and someone to celebrate with also. The lovely bond between friends strengthens their lives.

Moreover, this is  time when  the parents start receiving more amount of love and feelings from their child that they too have given them   since they were born. The  bond between the parents and the child builds  a lovely family .

But there is also this ‘love’ because of  which you start putting someone else’s needs before yours. This is the most strongest stage of love. Nobody is perfect in this world but love is so imperfectly perfect that when you receive it from someone else you feel as if you were completed. You feel that even if you won’t have anything else left with you like money,job or even shelter;you would still have that person beside you till your last breath.  And this is why the one who completes you is  known as your better half – someone whom you’d consider better than yourself but incomplete without you.

Love is the most purest part of your life that will always bring a smile on your face and sometimes tears in your eyes.

Irony of Life

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Everyone seems to have a

clear idea of how other people

should lead their lives ,

but none about his or her own.

                                      –Paulo Coelho